Difference between Translators and Interpreters:

3 min readMay 23, 2022


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Human Beings, use language to Communicate, Deliver, to Express. Communication is an Art, an Art of expressing, that makes someone listens to you. Communication needs a Language to deliver However, We as A Human do not know all the languages spoken in the World. So, what here plays a vital role in Communicating with an unfamiliar Language of a Person? Here comes to play “Translator” and “Interpreters”. What roles do they play? Why are they necessary? Here it is:


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A translator is a person who Translates literally from one language to another, Translator deals with the written form of work like Scripts, Subtitles, Documents, Books, and whatever is in the written form. Usually, Translator learns another language and then Translates it into their mother language. Translation can occur after a while like you got a material read it and simply translate it. Translators use different tools like CAT (Computer-Aided Translation) Tools, Dictionaries, and Computers. But, how do they help us?

Role of a Translator:

· Learning a new language you need to understand it first in the mother language, and there you need a Translation.

· Watching something in an unknown language you need Subtitles to understand it, and there you need a Translation.

· Visiting foreign for work, business, or health purposes you have to review documents, there you need a translation.


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Interpreter is a person who Translates verbally from one language to another, Interpreter deals with the Spoken form like; Live talking, Conferences, Meetings, and whatever conversational. Interpretation is not an easy-task; One has to be keenly focused on the conversation, because it talks and plays on the spot, immediately you have to interpret it. Interpretation requires good memory, strong knowledge; Interpreter use tools like headphones, a microphone, a notepad, and a pen for their help. But all of the above need to be sharp enough to catch those words. How does Interpretation help us?

Role of an Interpretation:

· When two officials meet from different countries, different languages for conversations for conveying their message to one another where they need an interpretation.

· While having International talks, live conferences, and debates between different countries of unfamiliar languages there they need an interpretation.

· While visiting as a tourist to a foreign country you have to communicate through the natives, to deliver or ask something there you need interpretation services.

In case you are looking for “Translation” or Interpretation” services as your career path, because you love to learn a new language, or you are passionate to learn and deliver in different languages, So here is the core difference between “Translation” or Interpretation”. Learn the difference find what anoints you whether it is writing or talking then go for it.